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Kinesiology/Muscle Testing

Dr. Jenks discusses Muscle Testing

Simply stated, a food or product frequency can affect your polarity making you either strong or weak. You need those foods or items which make you strong and do not want that which makes you weak. If you are weak with a food or item, this could indicate you are allergic to the item being tested.

The optimum situation is for us to muscle test you in person with a sample of the herb/product. This allows us to personalize a program just for your needs. It keeps us from sending you home with many bottles, because we have muscle tested you to just what you need and what will get health results in a reasonable time.

Muscle testing helps narrow down programs for best possible results.

It is possible for you to learn muscle testing and we strongly recommend you do so. This helps you determine family needs.

We have a muscle testing video, “Learn Muscle Testing in Five Minutes.” The key to being accurate is practicing and so family watch out. It is fun to muscle test
a child and have them feel how weak a soda or sugar makes them. Once you have practiced, then you can go on to herbs, vitamins, medicines, and even such things as the color of clothes. Muscle testing was first formally written about by Dr. Goodheart in the 1920’s.

Below, we have listed some books on the subject:

Power vs. Force, (The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior) by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

Life Energy by John Diamond, M.D.

Healing Energies by Dr. Paul Shephard