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Dr. James Jenks

A little more about Jim Jenks

My Health Education began with my first born.

Dr. Jim Jenks

Dr. Jim Jenks

My first wife was taking our son to the Pediatrician weekly with no results at all. The next thing I knew, I was dragged to health lectures by Dr. Shakley and Dr. Bernard Jensen, DC. Then no white bread in our home and so on, but the son got well!

Later I operated a large ranch in Colorado. Our BLM range was 1000 square miles and I irrigated 600 acres for grazing and hay making. We had some 300 cows, a dozen bulls, riding horses & work horses, milk cows, up to 300 sheep, etc. The nearest Vet was 55 miles away in Craig, some times impassable with snow. This meant I did all of my animal work with guidance from the vet or a neighbor. I learned a lot from those (not so) dumb cows.

I continued to further my research and studies and have recently celebrated my 40th year in the Nutrition Education field. I give thanks for my many teachers in health including Ladean Griffin, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Dick Versendahl, Michael Coyle, Zig Zigler, Jack Ritchason, Dr. Robert Greenberg and many many others.

As an author I have written several books and videos. They are listed in the Published works section. I am honored to note one book sold over 100,000 copies. We have lectured in almost every state, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the U.K. I have been on regional, national TV and radio interviews and lectured at numerous herb conventions.

Some of my degrees include:

  • Bachelor of Science, Business Admin., Univ. of Ariz.
  • Chartered Herbalist, Dominion Herb College
  • Certificate of Merit, Iridology. Dr. Bernard Jensen
  • Doctor of Herbal Medicine, American Medical College
Dr. Jim Jenks

Dr. Jim Jenks

Today, My current wife Linda and I have in our offices located here on our small Ranch in Northern Nevada. Linda and I have taken hundreds of classes through the Trinity College and numerous lectures, over 35 years, at the Nature’s Sunshine Conventions, we have an extensive research library which we make available to our clientel. Some of those authors include Price, D’Adamo, Weil, Heinerman, Malstrom, Vithoulkas, Chopra, Mowrey, Pedersen, Reams and hundreds more.

The area’s that Linda and I feel we have some experience and expertise in are balancing people with herbs and nutrition. The goal is always to activate the body to do what it was created to do, not just play with symptoms or not create a crutch to continue with.

I am well versed in, taught and have done Iridology for 35 years. We do various testing including, Iridology, Kinesiology, Biological Terrain, Resting Metabolic Rate, Voice-Print, Hair Analysis, listening to symptoms and lots of common sense.

We Serve as a Research Center for Hundreds of Herb Shops throughout the Nation.

I have always loved and continue to build with my hands, garden, ride, and run the back hoe. My hobbies are taking care of business, Linda, kids, grand kids, golf and read westerns.
(not necessarily in that order….LOL).

Together these past 25 years, Linda and I have raised our two families of eight kids. We live and run Herbal Rose on our small GREEN (yes GREEN) Ranch south of Reno in the Washoe Lake Valley. We proudly boast being one of the first zero energy footprint businesses in the community.

Our continued wish for our family as well as yours is:
Peace, Prosperity and Good Health.