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Nature’s Early Warning System

Dr Jenks discusses Iridology


Article written by Dr. James Jenks

Iridology can best be used to direct one’s nutritional efforts. Health is usually not attended to until it is lost. Iridology as a natural early warning system alerts us to over activity and degeneration. Once aware we can then invigorate that area and make positive health changes so we do not digress into a disease state. The following body areas underlined are those we can record from your iris analysis.

The organ areas are important. Learning how they interact is beneficial to learn about causes and to balance the whole person. The endocrine gland system balance is very important. The thyroid is a master control gland here. Thyroid’s thyroxine controls the reproductive system and is the major control with weight, body holding water and energy.

The reproductive glands play an important part in weight balance and in negative feelings, such as depression and PMS.

The digestive system is the key to your health. Good assimilation and elimination keep you healthy, renewed and young. The digestive system includes the stomach, duodenum, small intestine, and large intestine or colon.

The stomach must be clean to function effectively. Herbs, food combining and a mucusless diet are very important. Certain herbs, as foods, provide the raw materials for the stomach as well as the pancreas and liver to manufacture the important digestive juices, including betaine hydrocloride acid.

The intestinal tract is a hollow muscle tube lined with villi, which both absorb and eliminate the body’s needs and waste. The cleanliness or effectiveness of the intestines cannot be overstated. The relationship between the colon, lungs, skin and kidneys as eliminative organs is critical. Keeping all these areas clean and effective affects the degree the body is renewing itself, i.e., young, vital, or the amount of body toxicity, i.e., disease and aging. Cleaning and maintaining the colon includes proper diet—herbs, cleansers, mucusless diet and raw vegetable bulk, exercise and healthy thinking.

The nerve wreath and nerve rings show the health state of your electrical and body communication system. Without good strong nerves, the body deteriorates and ages.

The circulation and blood toxicity is the flow of health in your body or the lack there of. This is an overall indication of vitality or toxicity from the lymph and scurf rim areas and indicates blood quality.

Mineral balance and mucus/catarrh indications are related to the body’s properly metabolizing foods and/or proper diet and provide clues to causes of gland dysfunction.

The body’s recuperative power is shown by the iris fibre construction. A strong structure will renew and stand against an ill disease wind much better than a weak structure. This is an inherited feature and is an important early warning system to alert you of structural weaknesses such as heart, kidneys, Ovaries, etc.

Now appropriate natural methods can be applied and your natural immunity can be increased. To be aware is to be protected and prepared. Parasites are still around with humans as we see in our animal pets. This is especially true if you are eating good, non preserved food). Certain herbs have historical use in ridding the body of parasites.

Reproductive hormone balances are a major key to emotional vitality. When balanced naturally with foods (herbs) a healthy glow emerges which most thought impossible. Is not good, happy, vital healthy a birthright?

Overall vitality is an overall iris color observation. This does not consider structure as vitality is not limited by structure but to maintain vitality one needs to consider structure.

Iris indications can change, better or worse. In order for them to get better, you need to change your physical and/or emotional and/or mental life habits. To the degree you take responsibility for your health it will improve or deteriorate.

Dr. James Jenks