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Get Ready for Winter Viruses

The best advice we can put together today is to be consistent in building your immune system with normal colds, flu bugs and especially the new viruses. I have talked with a Silver researcher and so far no one in the US has any of the new viruses to test the various Silver solutions against.  A note for those who …

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Happy Valentine’s Day, our heart month.

The heart is so amazing, working away every minute, of every day, of every year without stopping.  How can we thank our heart?  We can work at taking better care of it.  It needs exercise like every other muscle.  It needs certain nutrients and minerals and even our emotions affect our heart. You have heard that carrots are good for …

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The Wondrous Immune System

The Wondrous Immune System The human immune system in your body works 24/7.  It works on minimum wage unless you eat poorly, don’t drink enough GOOD water, no exercise and maybe have a sick attitude and then your immune system doesn’t work well at all.  You should see the little white killer cells picking up and putting in their bags …

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