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Get Ready for Winter Viruses

The best advice we can put together today is to be consistent in building your immune system with normal colds, flu bugs and especially the new viruses.

I have talked with a Silver researcher and so far no one in the US has any of the new viruses to test the various Silver solutions against.  A note for those who use silver would be to make sure you are getting a real silver product, new small particle processing and 100% silver, no lead, as can happen if you make it at home.

The new D-68 virus is in all states now, except Nevada & Arizona.  This virus lives in the gut, but is especially affecting young people, children, with lung problems, allergies, asthma.  It can cause paralysis on one side in serious cases.  We have no scientific testing for this virus yet with Silver or the herbs.

Sooo! Build, build the immune system with diet, herbs, herbal combinations and Vitamin C every day!

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