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The Wondrous Immune System

The Wondrous Immune System

The human immune system in your body works 24/7.  It works on minimum wage unless you eat poorly, don’t drink enough GOOD water, no exercise and maybe have a sick attitude and then your immune system doesn’t work well at all.  You should see the little white killer cells picking up and putting in their bags parasites, bacteria, dead cells, trash to keep you healthy.  You are a BLESSED human to have such a wondrous system of workers taking care of you.

Now you can support them.  Want to know how?  Certain foods, certain plants have a long historical use to strengthen the immune system.  Garlic might be thought of as a food, BUT if you are taking it and eating it to build the immune system, it would now be considered an herb.  Other herbs, ie. Echinacea, Golden Seal (root not leaf), Oregon Grape, Olive Leaf and formula’s ie. FV, VS-C and the Immune Stimulator are also beneficial.  A biodegradable Silver Shield liquid is also very helpful.  Of course, enough liquids, some body movement, no junk foods and a positive attitude will help every situation.

A ‘healthy’ happy New Year to you from all of us at Herbal Rose.

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